6 Tips to Turn Selfies into Sales

Turning Content into Commerce

  A few weeks ago, Sephora launched their Beauty Board experience on their website, Sephora.com, built leveraging Thismoment’s platform. It’s a bold move by a bold and innovative company, who is early to the realization that user generated…Read more


How we protected you from Heartbleed

As you may have read, an extremely serious bug nicknamed Heartbleed was found in how data is encrypted in transit on the Internet this week.  The Heartbleed Bug affects the OpenSSL framework which is used by many websites…Read more


A Little (Brand) Tenderness

Enchanting. Wild. Passionate. And maybe a little bit sloppy. Whether the result of a successful turn at 7 minutes in heaven or the sweet culmination of a teenage courtship, everyone remembers their first kiss. Break-out video “First Kiss”…Read more

Oculus Rift

Mr. Zuckerberg’s New Toy

As an avid gamer and social media cynic I was understandably troubled when I saw that Facebook had purchased Oculus VR, the company developing the most promising consumer virtual reality headset yet. It felt like the rich kid…Read more